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Action Vs Planning

People always ask me that, Zain tell us, We really want to start a business, Tell us every thing. We need full plan.

Let me tell you a story of Liam and James today. Liam and James had been friends since childhood 👦👦, and they always dreamed of starting their own business 💼.

One day, they came up with the idea of opening a car wash together 🚗💦. They were both excited about the prospect of being their own bosses and making a lot of money 💰.

However, things quickly went south when they had an argument over how to go about starting the business 💥.

James was a meticulous planner 📝📊 and wanted to spend months researching and creating a detailed business plan. Liam, on the other hand, was eager to jump into action and start washing cars right away 🏎️🧽. The argument became heated 🔥, and Liam and James decided to go their separate ways.

James spent all his time planning and watching videos on YouTube 📹👨‍💻, trying to figure out the best way to start a car wash business. He spent hours creating fancy PowerPoint presentations 💻 and researching every detail of the industry.

Meanwhile, Liam took a different approach. He bought a bucket, sponge, and soap 🧼🧽, and started washing cars every day 🚘💦. He would ask people in car parks and those living in the local area if they needed their car washed. Liam was determined to make it work, and he put in the effort every day 💪.

As time passed, Liam's business began to grow 🌱. He started hiring more people to help him wash cars, and eventually, he built an entire chain of car washes across the country 🚗💦🌎. He even installed automatic car wash machines, and soon, he became a millionaire 💰💵.

James, on the other hand, was still planning and watching videos 📹👨‍💻. He was so focused on having the perfect plan and staying motivated and productive 💼📈🧑‍💻 that he never took any real action. He had lost sight of the fact that results come from actions, not plans.

In the end, Liam's story became a source of motivation for people all over the world 🌍🙌. He showed that success comes from hard work and taking action, not just planning and dreaming 💪🌟.

Most people are James, Be Liam. Apply this to any business. Most people think oh, what my friends will think, I can't be washing cars. It's disgraceful. My friend you will always be James this way.

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