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Hi Friends ❤️

🎨 Hey there, I'm Zain Shah – a creative entrepreneur and a savvy e-commerce expert. 🚀


🚀 With pride, I've steered the successful launch of a whopping 207 private label products on Amazon. 📦💼 My e-commerce prowess extends further with an impressive array of over 6,000 listings on eBay, ensuring a steady stream of income that relieves me from the worries of:


- Settling bills 📬💰

- Enjoying a comfortable lifestyle 🏠💃

- Bowing to others' commands (I'm my own boss! 💪)

- Affording some of those quirky and delightful indulgences that being human beckons us towards. 🛍️🤩

My Story

In April 1994, I embarked on my life journey in Pakistan 🇵🇰, setting the foundation for what was to come. While my parents held dreams of me becoming a doctor 👨‍⚕️ and I initially enrolled in medical college, destiny had other plans as I chose a different path, leaving my studies behind after just one year.


Fast forward to 2012, a new chapter began when I made the move to the UK 🇬🇧 to pursue studies in business management. Following a series of diverse job experiences, I diligently saved up funds 💰, paving the way for me to establish my very first physical mobile phone store in the bustling streets of London 📱🏙️.


But a pivotal turning point emerged when I recognized the untapped potential of taking my shop's inventory to the digital realm 🌐. Drawing from my prior interactions with retail and e-commerce giants like eBay and Amazon, I found inspiration to list all of my shop's offerings on eBay, thus marking the beginning of my online entrepreneurial journey 🚀.


As time marched forward, I took a leap of faith and sold my physical store business in the early months of 2019, channeling the proceeds towards the ambitious goal of expanding my online empire.


Reflecting on the state of my journey a decade ago, my arrival in the United Kingdom from Pakistan marked a period of sheer naivety, zero investments, and a complete lack of revenue. Despite being a novice in product sourcing, listing strategies, and order fulfillment, I persevered, gradually accumulating a wealth of fundamental expertise 🧠💡.


Fast-forwarding to the present day, the year 2023, my online stores consistently achieve the remarkable feat of generating six-figure monthly sales 📈💰, boasting profit margins ranging from 30% to 35%. Astonishingly, these remarkable results materialize with a mere 5-10 hours of weekly commitment on my part. And mind you, these figures encapsulate sales from our existing product lines, underscoring the tremendous growth 📊📈.


But this is far from the end of my journey. My commitment remains unwavering as I endeavor to steer my online business to even greater heights, strategically invest my resources, cultivate a distinctive personal brand on social media 📱, and further diversify my endeavors by expanding my property portfolio 🏠.

How my business works?

My primary focus is on retailing mobile phones and accessories. I source these products from suppliers in China. These items are then listed for sale on both Amazon and my primary eBay account. To streamline the order fulfillment process, I have outsourced this aspect on both platforms.

how I started on YouTube & social media

🤑 As your earnings climb to a satisfactory level, a curious thing tends to happen: friends and family suddenly want to know your secret! 🕵️‍♂️👀 I grew quite exasperated with those lengthy phone calls, and that's when the lightbulb moment struck – I began creating videos addressing these queries. Now, I can simply share a video link instead of enduring those bothersome calls. How convenient! 😅


🙌 This is precisely why you won't find me incessantly urging folks to subscribe to my channel; that was never the original intent. But as fate would have it, people started tuning in, appreciating the content, and guess what? I found a personal sense of satisfaction in creating and sharing these videos! So, I've kept at it with enthusiasm! 🎥🚀😊

Future Plans

💼 E-commerce is my true passion, accounting for a whopping 98% of my income. 🛍️📈 Crafting my personal brand across social media, a smaller fraction at 2%, adds another layer of fulfillment. As for what the future holds, especially when retirement creeps in, I'm yet to decipher that mystery. 🤔 But my current plan revolves around continuing what I love – the path I'm on is thriving and growing beautifully. The best part? I relish every moment spent working. 💪👨‍💻


🌟 My aspiration is to be recognized across social media as the authentic e-commerce enthusiast who doesn't just talk the talk but walks the walk. 👟📣 A genuine e-commerce practitioner – that's the reputation I'm carving out for myself. 🛒👨‍💼🚀

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