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Hi Friends ❤️

My Name is Zain Shah,I am a Husband, Father, Son, Brother, An entrepreneur, e-commerce seller and some might say a social media celebrity now 😁.  Too Many things right?


well Jokes Aside, I successfully launched 207 private label products on Amazon, Have over 6k listings on eBay which makes me decent money So I don't have to worry about

  • Paying my bills

  • Having decent life style

  • Listening to others (being own boss)

  • Being able to afford dumb things as a human which I wish to buy sometimes.

My Story

I was born in April 1994 in Pakistan, I am Married and have 1 Son.

My parents wanted me to become a Doctor, went to medical college and quit after 1 year, I came to the UK in 2012 studied business management, after working few jobs here and there I saved up money to open my first mobile phone store (Physical Shop in London). 

I wanted to sell everything I had in my shop to sell online as I had really good experience while I was doing jobs and selling on eBay and Amazon from retail stores as well so I knew the potential. So I listed everything on eBay.

Moving Forward I sold the shop business in early 2019, invested all the money to expend my business online, Starting selling on Amazon as well. 

So 10 years ago when I recently arrived into United Kingdom from Pakistan. I started off with 0 knowledge, 0 investment and £0 in revenue. I knew absolutely nothing about product hunting, listing or fulfilment, but I somehow managed to figure out the basics.

18 months later, my eBay & Amazon reached £100,000 in revenue and was making as much more money as compare to my full-time job in the UK. 

Now in  2022, my stores makes over £31,000 each month in sales with 30% to 35% of profit margins, with 5-10 hours of effort on my part each week. And that's just what the stores itself makes from existing products. I know — it’s bloody ridiculous.

How my business works?

So I sell used  Mobile Phone and accessories mainly, I buy them from china, This goes on  Amazon and Main eBay account for sale.On both platforms fulfilment is out-sourced.

This is my main business model. However I started second eBay account to where I do drop shipping and retail arbitrage to test the products and add successful to my main eBay and Amazon accounts after investing in them in bulk.

Drop shipping and retail arbitrage is good way to get started, for sure you can make more than your full-time job NOW however to scale further like me😁, you do have to move towards buying things in bulk from china and selling it on. Both eBay and Amazon can be equally useful and still until today you can get started and make profits similar to mine.

how I started on YouTube & social media

When you make decent money, your friends and family will start to ask you how you do it? I got so annoyed by those long calls and started making videos about it so I can just send them a link to my videos so they don't bother me😀.

That's why you hardly see me asking to subscribe to my channel as it was never meant for this.

Everyone start watching it, loving it, I personally really enjoy and I keep on posting it. 😀

Future Plans

I truly love e-commerce (98% of my income) and making personal social media brand (2% of my income), I don't know if I get old and retire what I will be doing, so far plan is keep on doing what I am doing as it is growing and working really well. I enjoy working more than anything. I would like to known on social media as genuine e-commerce guy who don't talk the talk but also walk the walk himself. And yes also I would like write a book someday..

Click here to get in touch with me

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